Fluffy Comfy Caps

Metropolitan Home Health brings smiles.

Fluffy Comfy Caps Provide Warmth, Comfort and a Splash of Color.


Metropolitan Home Health Services, Inc. donates its 8 colorful handmade Fluffy Comfy Caps to facilities and organizations that help individuals who are undergoing medical treatment.

Fluffy Comfy Caps are one size, made with Eyelash/Sports Weight yarn and come in a wide range of colors. The Eyelash yarn provides a softness that is very comfortable to wear and provides warmth for daytime and nighttime. These caps are lightweight and are an alternative to wigs and scarves.

Background story of the Fluffy Caps: In 2009, a woman close to those at Metropolitan Home Health Services, Inc. underwent chemotherapy and radiation. In an effort to find an alternative to wigs and scarves, a dear friend residing in Florida, discovered a chemotherapy pattern while purchasing fabric and hand knitted 5 different colors of caps. Each hand made cap takes approximately 1 hour to knit. The recipient, always fashionable matched the color of her outfit with each cap. This lifted her spirits tremendously.

To date, Metropolitan Home Health Services, Inc. has donated over 800 caps.

Caps may be requested by contacting:
Roslyn Arpiarian
Outreach Coordinator
(781) 643-9115 ext. 1041

E-mail: Info@metrohh.com


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